Knitting Challenge

Winter Olympics/ KNIT OLYMPICS!! SOCHI 2014olympic-rings[1]

February 7th-23rd

The idea is to knit something that is your own personal challenge.

A hat? A scarf? A scarf with a fancy stitch pattern in it? Maybe a pair of mittens?  Something that you haven’t ever knit before, but might be fun on a deadline?   If you need a pattern, just ask. I am happy to send you whatever pattern you might need.

KNIT something  during this time period. Ready. Set. Go!

We have  classes on the 11th and the 18th of February, so we can show each other our progress!!

Miss Laurie tries to finish a pair of mittens every Olympic season… Will she get them done? Or will she try to knit an entire sweater this year?   O.o

Here’s what we will do:    Cast on   while you watch the opening ceremonies on February 7th !!

… and then   bind off   before the closing ceremonies (if you can!!) on February 23rd!!

This is really just a fun knitting event and not meant to be a real race of any kind.

You are racing yourself…..You are challenging yourself to try something new!

The knitting Olympics is something that knitters all over America are taking part in, join the fun!

Knit while you watch the downhill ski jumping contests! Knit while you watch the curling!! Knit while you watch the skating! Just knit.

Will it be hard to finish something in just 16 days of worktime? Maybe. And that’s okay. Knitting is fun.


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